About Us

Yield Point Trading Company is specialized on importing, exporting and trading a range of especially chosen quality of materials around the globe. With supplies of natural
resources under ever-increasing pressure, their sustainable use has never been higher on the agenda.

Against this backdrop, organisations want to know how they can improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainable impact of their products and services, while also delivering the best business results. That's where we come in.

Our Vision
To be pioneers in the fabrication and trade of goods, machinery and clothes by offering quality products and architectural solutions that add values to our people's lives.

Our Mission
To inspire our clients lives leaving a pleasant experience in the design and construction procedure by offering high quality and creativity.

Our Values
We choose the best materials to create our products and the best qualities of products to trade with people and this create a trust relationship with our clients, through the values that represent us:

Quality: Through the materials and brands we chose to work with
Creativity: By predicting market trends and continuously expanding our product range
Personal Care: By paying personal attention to the needs of every single project making sure it will be completed with perfection